Aug 14

Pictures from the most beautiful festival in the world ♥


Jul 14

The Amalfi coast

Amalfi, Positano, Praiano, Paestum and Rome in 6 days and I wish it was for 60..What magical places on earth!


Jul 14

Barcelona, Sonar



Jul 14

LA, always in my heart


May 14

Greetings from some talented friends of mine..

Check out Joanna’s inspiring tumblr and Tanjas webpage egoisdead- these ladies got it and some more!



May 14

Bänken und Spargel..

Just the most perfect day- please take me back!


May 14

May 1st..

Apparently a big thing for those crazy fun Berliners..


May 14

Berlin cause I can’t get enough

This time around I switched my search from finding the best clubs to the best coffee and here are my top 3 spots you can’t miss if you are as weak for a Soy Cappuccino as I am..

Bonanza coffee in Prenzlauer berg

Katies blue cat in Kreuzberg

Companion coffee in Kreuzberg

Oh and the best breakfast and lunch is found at Roamers in Kreuzberg


May 14

To those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..


Apr 14

Like no time has ever passed

Back in Shanghai..