Dec 10

1 day, 2 orange dresses

Let´s call it a trend!

Photoshoot in Taipei

Excuse my hair, it lives it´s on life..

Dec 10

We see what we want

Pictures from Longshan temple in Taipei.

Dec 10

Bike me

Photos are all from the streets of Taipei

Dec 10

Hey Taipei

Just random things that caught my eyes.

Dec 10

Din Tai Fung

Ok you could think i am running a food blog here but i think i´m not..just need to let you know about this not too charming..or not charming at all restaurant that by far makes the best dumplings in the world..i am it ok to dream about dumplings? probably not but who cares..

That you have to wait about an hour to get a table, then sit in a bright lighted crowded restaurants full of tourists just does not occur like a problem when you get your food!

And while we are at it, their sesame buns were like a piece of heaven!

Dec 10

On top of Taipei

Pictures from Yangmingshuwu

Dec 10

4 dogs and a pig

Seen on the streets of Taipei

Dec 10

Rabbit rabbit

When strolling the streets of Zhongxiao Dunhua (that by the way was the best area we found for shopping) we passed the cutest café that i just fell in love with and i have to say the same thing about their peanut butter burger..Oh my god!!

Hello Love

Like the lamp

Dec 10

A night at the market

The Shida Night Market to be more exact..

The area consists of small and very crowded streets with japanese style fashion shops mixed with food stalls and some cute restaurants and bars.

We stopped for dinner at a “french” restaurant called Sesame village hidden between all the shops and i can warmly recommend it- maybe more for the vibe then the food that was just ok but the owner was so sweet and the interior made us feel like we were a part of an old french movie so this is a top tip when in Taiwan!

I dare you..

Dec 10

You are what you create

Pictures from Ximending – Taipei.