San Diego

Mar 10

San Diego

So now the more relaxing part of the vacation has started!

It did start a bit stressful though since we sat at the wrong gate at the airport and did not notice until 10 minutes before the flight was going to leave, but it all turned out well and now we are staying at a really nice hotel located on pacific beach in San Diego- Tower 23.

Today we have powerwalked along the beachwalk, then we had breakfast on the terrace and after that we rented some beachcruisers and biked to the cozy neighbourhood La Jolla where we did some shopping and had lunch at a beachview restaurant called Georges at the cove.

We watched the sunset with a glass of red wine and now we are going out for sushi- Love vacation!

View from the balcony at our hotel

Breakfast on the terrace

Me and my cruiser

La Jolla

Loving the US

Here is the hostel i stayed at when i was here 9 years ago..i loved it!

Pacific beach