Apr 10


Since 5 days at Coco Loco was enough we decided to go to Sabang which was 1 hour boatride back to  the mainland of Palawan and then around 2 hours by car.

As soon as we left Coco Loco island the rain started falling and it did not stop until we went back to Shanghai  a few days later so we did not enjoy this place as much, but we still had a good time!

If you go here- stay at Dab dab cottages which was really cozy bungalows with fantastic food and nice staff. It was not on the beach but it was only a minutes walk away into the forest and well worth the walk!

Avoid- Taraw lodge, we stayed here the first night and it was a nightmare!

If you are a bit more urban i also recommend Dalayon resort- we spent the last 2 nights here since the rain did not stop falling so we felt the need for internet and TV..They had a nice pool, pricy food and really comfortable clean rooms with a terrace overlooking the ocean- we had a nice stay!

Apr 10

Philippines – travel tips

Coco loco, Palawan- we heard they have to close this place down soon since the owner wants it to himself so hurry up and go to this paradise before it is too late!!

The most perfect vacation spot if you just want to relax, read, dive and hang out on a small island all by yourself.