New York

Jul 13

Back to the world

This has been the most intense spring and summer of my life, just too much fun!
Just got back from an amazing holiday in Europe and updates will come once I get a second over so don’t leave me just yet.. For now here is an update on what happened before I left town..

Had too much fun, all the time..

Tatoo Love

Did a new tatoo..


Fell in love with Williamsburg..again

Andy Warhol Shanghai

Saw the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Shanghai power station..


Learned how to cook dumplings..

Had lazy Sundays in my treehouse

Made the Shanghai dancefloors very insecure with Kikilicious..

Found an amazing iceskatingprincesschaneldress that I will bring to the grave..

Crop top

Brought the crop top to Shanghai..

Got addicted to the truffle hotdog at Bikini..

Found the perfect T-shirt at the Central studios spring fair..

Where I also ran into what must be Shanghai's coolest kid..

Tried to clean out my closet but drowned more shopping for me this year..or ever..

Found a new favorite restaurant that my talented friend Briar has designed- Commune Social (best patio in Shanghai!)

Nina Wiger

Got interviewed by a german magazine about my style and my apartment..

Went to the Moschino fashion show..not really my style but you know I never say no to free champagne..

Went to the H&M festival neon party, what a perfect theme for a festival raver like myself..

Took a short trip to Hong Kong

Tried to kill the Shanghai heat by joining TICT's beachparties..

Celebrated Midsummer in Shanghai

The Bund

Went dancing on a boat..with a view

And I partied with my girls..Love you all too much!


May 13

I go running with a heart on fire

♥ NY and all the beautifulness it brings..

May 13

Life isn’t tragic, love is just being ignored


Nov 12

One night in NY..

Was barely enough..miss it already!

Apr 12

New York, Last part

Artists& Fleas- fantastic vintage/ design market in Williamsburg!

At Smorgasbord- another fantastic market next to Artist & Fleas, great stop for lunch!

Apr 12

New York, Part 6


Apr 12

New York, Part 5

Apr 12

New York, Part 4

Happy as always after a lunch at Café Gitane in Nolita.

Apr 12

New York, Part 3

Dinner with Nixi at the Standard Grill.

Made me think of you Celia:)

Apr 12

New York, Part 2