Jun 10

Paddle up

I cant really decide whether i want to be a fashionista or dedicate myself to fully to adventurous sports and run around in my training outfits all latest obsession is rafting, to bad the rowing machine at the gym is not even half as exciting..


Jun 10

Everest lovin

Since we were not fit enough to climb it, we decided to take a flight around it instead- i never thought it would affect me as much as it did but OMG that mountain is BIG!!

We got really inspired just by flying over it so now we are going to start to train to climb it..we’ll see how it goes since i am not willing to sacrifice my limbs to the cold weather up there but if a 13 year old can do it, so can i..

Jun 10

Gaylord Kwality icecream..

We never dared to try

Jun 10

My top pick cafes in Katmandu

If you ever end up in Katmandu i would recommend you to have breakfast at the most amazing cafe located in Bodhnath Stupa (i dont remember the name but you will find it if you walk around the circle and look for lonely planets top pick cafe sign..for once they were right!)

The view was amazing and the atmosphere around this area early mornings were out of this world.

Unbeatable view

When it is time for lunch i would suggest you go to Organic cafe & salad bar in Thamel and have the fantastic Nepali Thali plate and a glass of organic wine!

Jun 10

Color me beautiful

My last week i have been soulsearching in beautiful beautiful Nepal! (thereof the lack of blogging)

I have never seen so many interesting and colorful people in the same place and i will definitely go back as soon as i get the chance- here is just some of the fantastic people we met along the way through the country.

This is my favorite picture- how cool can you be??

Old meets new..