Oct 10

Fan- tastic

Love it love it love it

Oct 10

Chasing waterfalls

We went up the beautiful road to Kuang Si waterfalls to check out the impressive 150 m drop that tumbled from the sky.

It was a beautiful and breathtaking hike to the waterfall that was surrounded by primitive hilltribe villages in the mountainous jungle- well worth a visit if you ask me!

Oct 10

Luang Prabang in colors

We are now in the most fantastic little town in the middle of Laos with a cozy french- colonial vibe that i really like. (It is hard to imagine that this is Laos third biggest city)

The exotic colors has so far remained untouched by the mass tourism- It seems like we have the whole town to ourselves which is a rare thing in Asia from what i have experienced so go here before everybody finds this hidden gem!

Sep 10

18 til i die

Never say no, try everything twice!

We followed the advice of our rafting instructor in New Zeeland and went to Vang Vieng to try out the tubing which means that you rent a tube and cruise along the Nam Song river, stop at the bars along the way, drink the backpacker bucket, swing the rope swings and look at the magnificent view of the mountains rising directly beside the river.

There is no such thing as a lifeguard around so use your common sense and stop before the sunset and you should be fine!

Say what you want about it but it was a lot of fun and i would easily go back and do it again!

On our way

Avoid the free lao- lao whiskey shots..bad news!

The things one do to win a free bucket..