Sep 12

Lio Ibiza

Lío is located in a stunning setting in Marina Ibiza and the food that I thought was amazing is described as ¨contemporary with an Ibizan touch¨- But why you really come here is for the show- there were great performances by actors, musicians, dancers, singers and acrobats and the highlight of the night was when the waiters and waitresses whispered a Spanish song in our ears..I was mesmerized..

Love the kimono!

Sep 12

Amnesia, 2nd time around..



Sep 12

The hippie market

Sep 12

Ibiza, Day 2, Part 3

And the party never stopped..

Short stop for dinner at Sa Capella- Another Ibiza- must- go-to!

The dancers at Amnesia kept fascinating me as much this year..

Sep 12

Ibiza, Day 2, Part 2

The party at Cafe Mambo continued..

The drink that killed us all..

Jonas- DJ Fehrplay at Cafe mambo- soo good!

The Nervo twins- how cool can you get?

Eric started to play and the Nervo girls went insane or we all did..

With one of the Mambo brothers..

Sep 12

Ibiza- day 2, Part 1

Sunset at Cafe Mambo..a Ibiza must- experience!

Doesn't matter if you're black or white..


Sep 12

Ibiza- day 1

The week was spent in a fantastic house shared with fantastic people..I don’t think I have laughed this much in my whole life..Good wine and best food on the island..I ♥ Ibiza!!

The norwegians and the amazing chef Patrice


Haha I feel the same way so many times..

Finest famliy in the world

And this is how it ended..Just can't help it..

Jul 11

Ibiza, Day 4

After the laziest day ever in the shade we went out for dinner at La Barraca at Talamanca beach- great food but the service was a bit like in China..you ask for a espresso with milk and you get a tea with ice..still worth a go though, the location was beautiful if yet a bit too windy.

Jul 11

Ibiza, Day 3

I am finally getting into my real vacation mode and as of now all my life is about is sun, shadow, pool, eat, sun, shadow, pool, eat..I have never been so relaxed in a loong time!

We ended the fantastic day with a night at Cream, Amnesia where Dirty South was playing♥

Jul 11

Life is like a piano..

What you get out of it depends on how you play it!