Hong Kong

Jan 13


I’ve been to busy to give my ♥ to the blog this winter so if you miss me too much I suggest you follow me on Instagram where I’m more frequent..Add me: Nina Wiger.

Here is a review of the past months..

Took a morning run around pink flamingoes in Hong Kong

Had an amazing weekend in Dhaka with Carro and Adam

Had drinks at Casa Galliano

Saw the backstreets of Dhaka and I liked it

Went to Source for a preview of Celia's pop up shop

Pop up shop under construction

Yes, please!

Took a weekend to Stockholm and invited myself over to Janikes new apartment.

Before me and Lisa took the night train to Åre for Emma and Jacobs winter wedding

Where I was a wedding photographer for the first time in my life..

Went passed my dad's house for a Cappucino..

Still envying my sister's car..

As much as i envy Lisa's purple suede fringe west

Back in Shanghai and had Helené visiting for a crazy weekend, we started with a dinner at Kota's kitchen with Sandra and Diana.

Put on our dancing shoes and did the town..

Lazy Saturday at my house..

Before i put on my rave necklace and did it all again..

Ok, so that was the winter..so ready for spring now so we can bike around like lunatics again!


Nov 12

Dark end of the street


Nov 12


May 12

Hong Kong, Part 2 (Frida edition)

Dinner at my all time favorite Yardbird

Cool girl with the coolest tatoo


May 12

Hong Kong

Favorites at Sushi one

BBQ at Frida's

Emma owned the grill!!

Brunch at Pressroom

Hanna and Ella

Nov 11

Dinner in Hong Kong

I made a quick visit to Hong Kong earlier this week and I had a cozy dinner with Erika and Frida at Yardbird on Brideges street in Soho- loved it for the company, starters (especially the corn tempura balls) and the relaxed but proffessional service.

Mar 11

Hong Kong ♥

Some pictures from a favorite place of mine!

Great vintage shop!

The most spicy dish i have ever tried..and i just licked it..dare you..Shui hu ju on Peel street

Nov 10

Be yourself-

Everybody else is already taken!

Nov 10

Put on your dancing shoes

Nov 10

Almost made me want to have a dog..

Not sure the dog would want to have me though..