Aug 10

More Guilin

Anna just told me she is going to Guilin and that made me realize i never posted the rest of the pictures from our girls weekend there so here they are:

Sporty spices

The tourist trap

Now can someone please give me some other good tips on China weekend getaways??

Jun 10

Climbing the sugartops

It was too hot and humid to engage in any serious trekking this weekend but we did climb the stairs up to the moon hill top and the view was amazing!

Jun 10

Passenger of what?

Soo funny and soo chinese!

Jun 10

A weekend getaway- and a good one!

Me, Hanna and Susana took a girls weekend trip to Guilin where we stayed at Yangzhou mountain retreat.

The season was not right for the ultimate experience but we still had a great time- eating, biking, trekking, reading..

I would really recommend you go here for a peaceful, naturelovin weekend but stay away from the drunk duck and alcoholic peanuts..