Dec 10

How can you be sure if you never tried..

Pictures from Oskar Linnros concert at Berns this friday.

Oct 10

Lady Warhol at Fotografiska

Do not miss this exhibition by Christopher Makos that will open for the first time in the world the 10 december running until the 20 march 2011.

It is a unique exhibition where we will be able to see Warhol as we have never seen him before- as his female alterego.

Read more here

Oct 10

The Raveonettes..

Is coming to Shanghai to play at MAO livehouse the 14th of November- You do not want to miss this..or maybe if you are not that into danish garage rock..

Anyhow for you that want to come, buy your tickets here.

The Raveonettes Live Tickets

Oct 10

AIKO: Here’s Fun for Everyone

I read about this exhibition by Aiko at Andrew James Gallery on 39 Maoming Lu and i really want to see it before it closes the 31st Oct.

AIKO’s mix media works have been shown internationally, most recently at PS1 MoMA and Brooklyn Museum in New York.

For her Shanghai solo exhibition, she spent months locked up in a studio in order to produce dozens of completely new works-Graffiti, stenciling, screen printing and painting – all on display.

Here's Fun For Everyone – Andrew James Art

Oct 10

On my wishlist

After reading the truly inspiring book about Patti Smith i have decided to start writing poetry or something like it again..Something i did when i was a lot younger and a lot more confused but i feel i have something in me now that might look good on a piece of paper so now i just have to get a retro typewriter so the words can not be deleted from this world- there is a huge risk they will be otherwise..

I found some really nice ones on Ebay but they all miss the å,ä and ö letters which means i could only write in english and that would be to limited so please let me know where i can find a swedish version of a Remington, Royal or Hermes one in pink or turquoise- i will be one happy owner!!


Sep 10

Fashion exhibition at Fotografiska

I really want to see this exhibition with 51 legendary photographers such as Steven Meisel, Irving Penn and swedish Mikael Jansson- so friends at home please wait for me, let´s go in November when i come!!

This is what i read about it:

This exhibition provides a representative overview of the development of fashion photography from its beginnings in the 1920s to the present. Based on the collection of Camera Work in Berlin, the exhibition features approximately 200 prints, many of them vintages, by 51 photographers.Fashion! guides us through an exhilarating visual journey of the various trends of fashion photography.

Fashion photography, like no other genre, is able to capture the zeitgeist of a decade with such clarity. Moreover, it tells us, in a very vivid and lucid way, about the longings and dreams of respective generations. Fashion photography consistently defies convention and resists definition. Thus, to claim there is a linear development of the genre is incorrect. Rather, there is a complex and lively iconographic system of analogies, references, and astounding advances. It is the innovation and glamour that surrounds fashion photography that we find so enthralling. We live vicariously through its models, and we relish in the fantasy of its visual stories, which is why looking at this variety of fashion photographs is so truly pleasurable.

Photo: Ralph Mecke

Photo by Ralph Mecke

Sep 10

Time to read!

Thanks to my fantastic family and Janike i now have 3 new books in various, very different categories that i am looking forward to bury myself into.

Can’t wait for fall to come so i can stay in the couch with a clean conscience!

Haruki Murakami- What i talk about when i talk about running, Carolina Gynning- Ego Woman, No english version available, Patti Smith- Just kids

Sep 10

The Runaways

Just saw the movie and i loved it- I never really listened to them before and i will probably not start either but the movie was great and so was the outfits- bring me back to the 70′s pleaaaase!!!

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maeve Photograph

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maeve Photograph

Sep 10

And while we are talking about books..

I also heard that Purple´s Oliver Zahm is writing a biography about Carine Roitfeld set to be published in the fall of 2011.

Can’t wait for this one!


Sep 10

Grace Coddington is Writing a Memoir

I read that Vogue’s creative director and fashion industry icon Grace Coddington is writing a book about her life- how fantastic is that?

Grace says that the book will not only cover her life–including her years as a model and time spent at Calvin Klein and British Vogue–but also plenty of fashion history.

I fell in love with Grace after seeing The september issue so i can not wait until the book hits the shelves.