May 10

Lovely doors

I realized i have a thing for photographing doors- but how happy would you not be to come home to this?

This is in Christianshavn- Copehagen

Paris ♥

May 10


I love rawfood and i think it is so sad that it is so hard to find restaurants with this type of food but happy for me we ran into a fantastic raw food cafe on Pilestræde 32- close to strøget that served the most amazing salads and juices.

The café is primarily take away, the small dining area is stylishly decorated with a seating stair, inspired by Prada in New York, and furnished with the special edition of Alvar Aalto’s iconic Stool 60 by Artek and Monocle Magazine.

On the wall it was painted in golden colors: 42°RAW is committed to changing the way modern people eat & think about food- and they managed to win me over!

May 10

Spring feeling

I spent my last night in Copenhagen having dinner at Susannes house where we celebrated spring with a glass of Chablis and strawberries!

The following week we will blog from Stockholm!

May 10


This is the fantastic museum of modern art that is located around 30 minutes with train from Copenhagen.

The surroundings is amazingly beautiful and they have a great cafe with views over Öresund.

Right now they have a exhibition called Colour in Art  that tells the story of the role and significance of colour to artists and to the development of modern art with works from example Matisse, Van Gogh, Richter, Yves Klein and Kusama.

Not my type of art at all but i loved the museum in itself!

May 10

Lovely Christianshavn

I love this area of copenhagen with the canals and all the cozy places along them.

I really recommend you to have lunch at the charming restaurant called Kanalen- located at Wilders Plads 2.

The chairs are by Wegner, local artists exhibit is hanging on the walls and the menu is based on seasonal produce- and i love to sit on the terrace and watch the canal tour boats, kayakers and ducks glide by.

And when you are around dont forget to visit Yoyo second hand shop on Sankt Anne Gade 31 which is owned by Helena Christensens mother.

May 10

Cozy backyards

We found this gallery on a backyard around Norreport and i got so inspired to plant some more greens on my terrace when i get back to Shanghai!

May 10

Pede & Stoffer

This was the best designershop in Copenhagen this time- the best of ex Acne, Helmut Lang, Stine Goya and Vanessa Brunos collections.

You find it close to Ströget on Klosterstræde 15.

May 10


This fantastic cakeshop can be found on Sankt Peders Straede 26 in Copenhagen.

Apr 10

A horny bike..