Apr 10

Last stop- the local beach

We did not feel like swimming in this water but it was very interesting to see where the local people hang out on the sundays- it looked very chill hanging out in the Shadowed hammocks, sleeping, eating fruit and cockroaches..

Apr 10

The crocodile farm

We had some time before we had to go back to Phnom Penh to catch our Shanghai flight so we went to another crocodile farm with some newborn crocodiles up to 4 years.

They were a bunch of very tired crocodiles who hardly noticed us throwing fishes on them but i dont blame them in this heat and their filthy living circumstances.

Prepping up on the crocodile food

He was sleeping like this..

The evil eye..

They just loved sleeping with a open mouth

The baby crocodiles..sooo cute!!

Apr 10

Last night

There is no lack of restaurants in Siam Rep and after a lot of looking around we found a nice french crepe restaurant called Black wheat which i strongly recommend.

We then ended the night at the backpacker hangout Angkor What on pubstreet in lack of better places to go!

Apr 10

S-21 Toul Sleng

This museum is the site of a former high school which was used as the notorious Security Prison 21  by the Khmer Rouge regime from its rise to power in 1975 to its fall in 1979.

It is very touching to walk around in these buildings to see the photos of the people who were innocently tortured and killed and it is insane this only happened around 30 years ago..

This man told us he was one of the very few survivors- we wanted to ask him more questions but he spoke very little english but what he told us was very touching!

One of the torture benches

Apr 10

Angkor Wat

Time flies and we were a bit stressed when we arrived to Angkor Wat and they told us that it would close in 2 hours so time to speed it up!!

We started with the Bayon temple in Angkor Thom which is the towers with 214 smiling faces and the walls are decorated with carvings of historical events- so beautiful!

Then we took a tuk- tuk to my favorite temple of the day- Ta Prohm which is the original Tomb raider temple where the jungle has not been stalled and gigantic gnarled roots twist and grip the temple walls- it looks unreal!!

After this we went to the biggest and most famous temple- Angkor Wat. It was amazingly beautiful but too packed with people to be truly enjoyed.

To make Angkor Wat in 2 hours is maybe not to recommend but it is workable!

The entrance to Angkor ThomThe entrance to the Bayon templeAt the Ta Prohm templeAt Angkor WatPalm tree juice- really sweet but i liked it!

Apr 10

Boattrip on Tonle Sap

This was the most amazing sights i have ever seen- all theese people living in the middle of the lake in their boats.

They had a floating school, shop, restaurant etc and it was so beautiful- you have to go here to experience the real Cambodia- again it was fantastic!

Getting on the boat

Sweet family on the river

Getting home from school..i LOVE this picture

We went to the floating school and our books and pens that we brought made a huge success!

The floating crocodile farm..

Apr 10

On Our way to the floating village..

We stopped by this family to buy some drinks- so cute and colorful!

Apr 10

Viroths Hotel- Siam Rep

So now we are in Siam rep for a action filled weekend before we return home to Shanghai.

We found this cozy haven on i-escape which is my favorite website for charming hotels.

It has a nice pool area as you can see on the picture but we are too busy to use it- today we have been to the floating village and Angkor Wat and i will update you on that later- Now we are going into town for dinner and drinks after a rooftop massage on the hotelspa!

Cia we miss you!!!!!

Apr 10

Factory girls..

Apr 10

Melting Pot- Phnom Penh

We had lunch at another really cozy place called the Melting pot- it is a french Cafe that specializes in my favorite food in the whole world- Crepe!

They also had the most amazing fresh juice with Mango and passionfruit- pure love!

Adress: 168 A, Street 155 (near Russian market)