Jan 13


Well Brisbane might not be the center of the earth but thanks to my very good friend Rhys who was the best guide ever I had an amazing time!!

To recommend if you ever end up here:

- Bring your camera and snap some photos of the ultra cool hipsters around town, never seen such edgy street style..impressed!

- Have dinner or drinks at Alfred & Constance, a multi -venue in a renovated historic Queenslander cottage. It’s a difficult place to describe as it was multiple venues with different types of people all in one house which I really loved..We had a drink at the surf chic Tiki bar upstairs and when that became to boring we were led down to the basement by the bartender and voilà we were all of a sudden in a dark rock n roll cellar with 60′s styled bartenders that made the best cocktails you could ever imagine..And this was not even half the more here.

- Have breakfast, a milkshake or a coffee at Flamingo in the supercute Win lane- while you’re at it, do some vintage shopping and enjoy the street art in the area.

- Stroll the West end for some serious vintage inspiration.

- Head to James street and shop at my favorites Sass& Bide and Zimmerman- when I was there the whole collections were on sale..not like in Sydney where it was all sold out!

- Come back to James street at night for wine at Sixes and sevens which was a gastropub with a nice deck where you could watch the hipsters whirl by..

And to get the right feeling when driving around town- listen to this mix, the first song will forever remind me of this trip♥