Mar 12

Blue crush

My next mascara will definitely be a blue one- ♥ this look!


Sep 11

Never stop dreaming


Sources: Fashion gone rogue, Ink and needle and the rest is unknown

Sep 11


I got super inspired by my hair guru Helene and decided to put in some feather extensions- I could not have been more satisfied!

I feel the same problem as with tattoos though..hard to stop once you get started, just want to keep adding them up now..

This will be my next festival look..


Apr 11

Think big!

Helen aka my personal hairstylist was kind enough to show you how to tease your hair- for someone with swedish thin hair like myself it’s like a whole new world has opened up- lovin it!

This is what you need- spray, dust it, a comb and a brush

Separate the fringe from the rest of the hair

Separate a section of hair at the top of your head- spray and put on some dust it

Tease it!

Do it all over again- spray and dust

And tease it- repeat as many times as needed, I think i had about 5 layers

If this is not the look you want..

Then just comb it down and you will look as pretty as Therese

And me- love my new look!

Apr 11

I want some of what you have

So unfair my mom has a million freckles and i don’t have a single one..When i was around 15 i remember wanting to tatoo some on my happy i stuck to my chinese signs even if i regret them too sometimes..especially living in China!


Mar 11

We’ve got the blues

And some reds..

Mar 11

Braids part 114

If you have followed my blog for a while you must have noticed my weakness for all it’s forms..They can make you look cool and romantic at the same time which i love!

Here is some inspiration for the spring!

Sources: Knightcat, Anna Kopito, Simply seductive

Mar 11

Braid from heaven

So now you know how i will look this summer!

Feb 11


This is the do i am opting for- can not wait for my fringe to grow, grow, grow..any tips except vitamin B?



Feb 11

Fruity manicure

LOVE this look but i am not sure i could hold myself from licking my fingers all day haha

Source via this blog