DAFF, In the midst of it all..



  1. Parce que je suis le premier cmnemotaire je tiens e0 te dire que tu es une sacre9e veinarde!!!!!!!!Et je suis tre9s contente de voir que tu portes les chaussures que ton che9ri t’a offertes! J’avais hate de voir avec quel look tu les porterai :P !Bonnes vacances!

  2. who remembers the Stephen King dump for Regulators/Desperation, that had the btraety-operated, spinning, two-sided reserve for the leading featuring both of those covers? I worked for B&N in the time and we have been supposed to shut it off each night, but I might forget about and it would established from the motion detectors. The cops would come, and the phone would ring, and someone would’ve to demonstrate up in pajamas in the evening.

  3. Hello Rebecca thanks for wnrtiig. The second week is now all booked. I am so sorry. I know you will find a beautiful retreat to enjoy for yourself.Blessings, Rixie

  4. is very sad commentary, what you roperted to the Mexican authorities? I’m Mexican (at the north, very north, on the border with California) and planned to travel with my family to Belize, but it seems it should not do so for your comment. what you say abouth this?

  5. It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

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