I’ve been to busy to give my ♥ to the blog this winter so if you miss me too much I suggest you follow me on Instagram where I’m more frequent..Add me: Nina Wiger.

Here is a review of the past months..

Took a morning run around pink flamingoes in Hong Kong

Had an amazing weekend in Dhaka with Carro and Adam

Had drinks at Casa Galliano

Saw the backstreets of Dhaka and I liked it

Went to Source for a preview of Celia's pop up shop

Pop up shop under construction

Yes, please!

Took a weekend to Stockholm and invited myself over to Janikes new apartment.

Before me and Lisa took the night train to Åre for Emma and Jacobs winter wedding

Where I was a wedding photographer for the first time in my life..

Went passed my dad's house for a Cappucino..

Still envying my sister's car..

As much as i envy Lisa's purple suede fringe west

Back in Shanghai and had Helené visiting for a crazy weekend, we started with a dinner at Kota's kitchen with Sandra and Diana.

Put on our dancing shoes and did the town..

Lazy Saturday at my house..

Before i put on my rave necklace and did it all again..

Ok, so that was the ready for spring now so we can bike around like lunatics again!


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