Anders Petersen

I attended the most intense, inspirational and motivating workshop with one of my favorite photographers Anders Petersen when I was in Stockholm last time- It only lasted for four days, but I developed so much as a photographer and what was most important was that I got really inspired to learn more, I can’t get enough!

These photos are from the last day when it was all over..we celebrated with a bottle of Champagne in the sun- will miss all of the attendees who all taught me so much!


  1. I love Granit too, I went there last time when I was in Stockholm and I bought a great corntece plant pot. By mistake I took the display model with Swedish stamped words on it, but I loved it so much that the nice staff sold it to me anyway:-)

  2. What a great story. I hope the future for the kid is a bit bhreitgr because of it. I hope this vision of another life does him some good. Life can be so hard for some people. And Julio Diaz has the attitude we should all have. What a great post (and I like that image too. ).

  3. Ne4he4! Jag sme4ller av! Och speciellt beidln med det f6ppna ff6nstret mot Strand hotell (?) Det e4r bara till att gf6ra om hela huset.. Det ser jag det… Cyber hug & happy new week! Mon

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