Style secrets

This is the month to grab your ex of That’s Shanghai to read about my style secrets..I haven’t been able to grab a copy myself but you can find it online.

Here is a sneak peak..

What are some summer trends you’re excited about?

I love the neon that’s coming, mainly as an accent on bras, bracelets, bags or shoes – yum! I’m also excited about this summer’s festival collections from H&M and Topshop. I have a weakness for feathers and fringes. Oh and all the pastels too… mix them all up for a real sugar rush!

Any favorite Shanghai shops?

I generally don’t shop that much in Shanghai as I always go crazy on our H&M inspiration trips around the world. I try to keep calm when in town, but Lolo Loves Vintage and Eva on Xinle Lu are my favorites. I also just got shoes custom-made at Yanye Handmade Shoes. They don’t come cheap but they look fantastic!

Tell us your summer wardrobe staples.

I can’t live without my maxi dresses. Right now I’m in love with the latest from Marni for H&M. I also love white sheer linen T-shirts, my Sass & Bide black crochet skirt, my perfect pair of black, ripped denim shorts that get better each season and Bubble-Mood’s printed silk kimonos for both day and night.

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