Montaña Mágica Lodge

Another destination on my 2013 wishlist..

The lodge is is located within Huilo Huilo, a biological Reserve, 500 miles south of Santiago, Chile.

Covered in rainforest moss and vines, this manmade volcano-like structure spews water and is only accessible by a monkey bridge.

And if this isn’t magical and surreal enough you can find the outside hot tubs, carved from hollowed out tree trunks, with ideal vantage points for wildlife sightings- When are we leaving?



  1. Wow! It looks like a fairytale!

  2. I know, looks so amazing cant wait to go there..

  3. Huilo huilo it’s amazing, i’ve never been there but it’s not so fat from where i actually live, it’s like a 12 hours drive away, but if i take an airplane it will be like 5 hours away or so.
    I love the magic places that we have down here.

    I just got here from Cheli’s blog, both of you are amazing.
    Greetings from Viña del Mar

  4. Hii

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for reading my blog:)
    I would so love to go there, looks so amazing!

    Love your blog too, but you should write some in english too!!
    x Nina

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