La Recoleta


  1. I am so happy I dropped by your blog. Sometimes we flloow people on Twitter and never truly get the chance to spend much time on their blogs or sites. I will be a return visitor here! I love to travel and like your site very much. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Cheers!Tamstarz

  2. Oh WOW. Talk about LECHON! I haven’t seen the No Reservations episode where Bourdain ivists the Philippines. Must. Get. It. Thanks for reminding me. Oh, and I must have some of that erm squid-thingee. Why can’t you eat the tip?

  3. ummmm no its not the dumbest ride still its exlremtey scarey furthermore iv most assuredly completed it along with yes u do hang in the aftermath of the breaking point its not plumpness blokey attaining it´╗┐ do that!!!

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