Around Palermo, Part 3

A bit comical that our first brunch in town ended up to be at the Scandinavian restaurant Olsen. I was not really craving smoked salmon when in Buenos but it was a really nice place that I recommend- more for the place with the amazing patio rather then the food which I thought was only ok- they had translated one of my favorite dishes Biff Rydberg into a steak with green salad so I was a bit disappointed..


  1. at a point is right, this is the first time I attend a cnocerenfe of this kind, and perhaps had other expectations for the content, at one point it felt more focused on trying to sell Adobe products, rather than something a bit more personalized to Flash developers. Perhaps it is time to change the Latin Flash Tour name to something like Latin Flashtml5 Tour. This does not mean that I have not enjoyed being there, on the contrary, it was incredible to have the possibility to talk face to face, removed some doubts, and see the progress they are doing in Adobe. Perhaps felt a little repetitive with the things that you are presenting, since some time ago, in your blogs.But it is true it would have been much more interesting to have one or two days with exchanges of ideas, opinions, something a bit more interactive, integrative, perhaps transform into something a little more social and creative.I would like to be more informative to the world about the reality of developers in Argentina (probably the same thing happens throughout Latin America) but I think it would be incorrect to speak widely, and do not want anyone to feel bad about my vision of reality or being a martyr for my opinion, only by an isolated comment in a blog as crowded as this, so I guess I save that for a more personal mail.Again, thank you very much for visiting us, it was an honor for me, I hope you come more often, and have the opportunity to attend more events.

  2. Hi lee, im a big fan of your work and have watched a lot of your totiruals, thanks a lot for them, theyre very helpful. im also a flash developer and i love the platform. i just wanted to inform you that theres a website’ that is attacking flash player and is messing with the jobs of a lot of people. i got mad because especially these days i get a lot of bs about javascript overcoming as3 and that html5 is the future. i like as3 because of its oop features the same way i love java and because i have been following you for a long time i know you too (you writed a book about java on android). i dont like javascript and i dont want to develop function inside function. i hope adobe takes actions against that site, i know i will. i could build a site to talk about how great is flash but i wont get as many hits as your site has and youre far more capable of writing about flash, so i thought of letting you know. Hope it helps. greetings from uruguay, maybe next year you could do a stop here , nice beaches and a strong developer community (huge software exporter).

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  4. I read your post and wished I’d written it

  5. Przypuszczam, że wczoraj w końcówce Andy nie myśłał o dzisiejszym „krótkim” etapie i jechał na całego, poodbnie Voeckler i inni (którzy? o to jest pytanie!). Dziś odegra rolę szybkość regeneracji oraz psychika, o taktyce nie będę pisał. Tak jak inni kibice po cichu liczę, że Ty (Sylwester) i Ivan zrobicie niespodziankę – to by była sensacja – bo by była! Proprio in silenzio…………..!

  6. Wowza, problem solved like it never happened.

  7. Касим,,, ответь на мой вопрос,,,на Видеоблоге N 11 ,,,,,,,когда будет танкионлайн mbloie !!!!!,,,я только для этого купил Galaxy S Plus,,,,,,а mbloie уже нет :( (((((((((((((((

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