Paro sunday market, Part 1

A mecca for a photographer like myself..the colors, the faces, the clothes..extremely beautiful!

To explain the red mouths of many persons i photographed- Smoking is illegal in Bhutan so instead they have another addicting favorite past time and it is the constant chewing of something called Doma (betel nut).

It is made with a Doma nut wrapped in a betel leaf and then they add lime. They stick a small piece inside their mouths and chew on it. The end result is a warm feeling inside your body as well as red stained teeth which eventually become rotten.

Everywhere we went people were chewing this Nut and would offer us bright red smiles..I could not resist trying it when stuck on the icecold mountain during our trek (I just wanted to be warm again) but the taste was just too bad to be worth it..

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