Shape up

Note to self- have to go out and photograph more in Shanghai, there are so many people, shapes and interesting objects to be found.

These are from Redtown.

I did not see this until now, but does it not look like a small head of an animal in the right corner? scary!


  1. You’ve captured this pefcyrtle. Thanks for taking the time!

  2. Kati Tihaneoh my freaking god .I’m sort of hiantg you right now (where to spend happy hour indeed!). On the other hand, sort of loving you to bits as well (how can a place named holbox even exist). Sort of woeful that you have to come back to this hairy armpit of a place in 9 days but then again .excited (in that hipster way) that you’re off to discover Halifax.(.LOVE the picture of the muchachos did you take it? Which of them offered you a smoke? Who bought you the tequila? Who offered the tour about town????)

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