They had 2 exhibitions going on that i loved, one was with Albert Watson that presents unique images that have moulded our perception of fashion, commercialism, celebrities, photography and music for four decades.

Albert Watson has shot everything from glamorous portraits of Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson to documentary books on Morocco and Las Vegas. From colour to black and white. From prisoners on death row in Louisiana to marketing campaigns for Chanel and Levi’s. The inconsistency is consistent in Albert Watson’s work and that is what i really love!

The other one really touched and inspired me and it was called “starved for attention” which is a touring photo and video exhibition produced by the photo agency VII (that i would love to work for one day), in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders.

The exhibition focuses on malnutrition and highlights the fact that 195 million children are malnourished worldwide, with 90 percent living in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. In fact, malnutrition contributes to at least one-third of the eight million annual deaths of children under five years of age.- please help!

Photo: Stephanie Sinclair
Photo: Marcus Bleasdale

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