A week behind

No time but a lot of inspiration- will update the blog better this week but new apartment and a new job at the same time as my old is taking all my time right now.

Last weekend we said goodbye to Sanna and Stina that left and are leaving Shanghai= sadness!

We arranged a cooking class at Stillers which was a success- the food (3 different fish dishes) was out of this world- really recommend this activity if you love food and actually want to learn how to cook it- it tasted so much better when you had to work for it!

We continued to Hannas fantasic place for a party and then we continued to Lola as usual these days- a day and night to remember!

Frida and my mentor Stina that i will miss too much!

Bella making the croutons

Mr Stiller himself

We miss you already!!

At Hannas place


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