Pictures from Paris

We had a great time as always in Paris even though it was way to early to visit the shops, they all still had their sale going i am not so inspired but full..oh my god how much food can a person eat??

My top tips for dinner is:

Hotel Amour mostly for the ambience but the food that is typically french is also good.

Next door to Hotel Amour we ran into a newly opened restaurant that was a mix between french and american and it was really nice- i do not remember the name but the place can not be missed.

Chez Paul as always, i think this is the best place i have eaten in my whole life- just want to warn you to not attempt to go out after a dinner here, all you want to do is go straight to bed..

Top tip for drinks:

Le Palette for a great glass of wine and even greater people watching

43 rue de Seine, 6th

Chez Moun for dancing all night long with hip laidback Parisiennes.

Le Pompon for dinner and drinks with the cool fashion crowd of Paris, then proceed to the basement for dancing in the crowded club..

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