The Cove..

Enjoying my vacation a bit too much so i have not had time to update you on this fantastic holiday- we are having an amazing time and i never want to leave Bondi- found my home, here to stay..

We started our trip driving up from Auckland in the oldest campervan seen by any man but it worked and we reached Paihia in the middle of the night after celebrating christmas with a double whopper at Burger King on the road..never doing that again- too depressing.

We decided to go on a dolphin swimming trip since i have always wanted to ride on the back like they do on Flipper..too bad for me they did not want to swim with us so we had to settle with some photos taken from the boat and i would not try to do it again since it felt like we were chasing them down..anyhow here is some pics from the beginning of our trip.

How was your christmas and new years??

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