Forever 26..??

Forgot to post this picture i took when in Taipei..I am wondering whether Forever 21 has filed a lawsuit for this?

The original


  1. hi
    如果方便的話,麻煩你留email給我。 謝謝

  2. Hi

    No, i do not remember, but somewhere very central in Taipei..


  3. Thanks Nina!

    Do you know whether it’s in a Mall or it’s a free-standing store?

  4. Btw, how big is this store?

    Do you happen to know how many same stores are in Taipei?

  5. It was a free standing store, and i only saw this one..
    It was in a shopping area with many small stores and restaurants..same area as a art area where i also took a lot of pictures, so check my other posts from taipei and i am sure you will find it!
    Good luck!

  6. I know where it is, just went there, its in a shopping distric outlet mall-ish beside a skytrain station. The place is called Ximen

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