Another night

It started a bit weird when we were trying to find the new restaurant Shinmachi that i read a review about earlier this week..I was surprised to get a table since the review said it was ultrahot and that you had to book a table early..anyhow i thought i was just lucky- but that luck did not last for long since when we came to Sinan mansion to try and find the place it was not there..8 hungry ladies in dresses is not a good way to start an extremely cold night running allover the place (would not wish that situation on my worst enemy) We called the number to the restaurant and they came to pick us up but it was the wrong turned out they had put the wrong number and address in the review (How come i am not even surprised?) Well well in all desperation we took the first place we could find which turned out to be a great mexican bar- Yucca with the best guacamole i have had in Shanghai..will definitely go back again, so it all turned out great in the end!

Another good thing with this night is that we went to Lola..a maybe not so new place anymore but i had never been there before- ♥ great music, cool people and it will be THE  place to find me at from now on- I finally have some hope for the shanghai nightlife!


  1. I’m so happy to read about Bondi..jeez, I would give a lot and then some for a little scruffy aparment there:-)I’m in Christchurch New Zealand and went to Aussie about 3 months ago as part of a little delayed honeymoon and ‘must’ to get my passport updated in Canberra (there is no Swedish Embassy in New Zealand)..It was so wonderful, the sea, the well trained and suntanned and the overall relaxed style of living..I read about the hunt for the right restaurant as well, what a mystery? Are you in Shanghai now? Sound like a great life..I’ll be working towards that as well..Big Hugs! xoxox Alice

  2. Oh you are living my dream Alice!! I love NZ, the most beautiful place on earth! The dream is to live at Bondi and have a small summer house in NZ- something else then the chaos in China..even though i like that too..
    You should come!! we can swop houses for some time haha:)

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