1 day, 2 orange dresses

Let´s call it a trend!

Photoshoot in Taipei

Excuse my hair, it lives it´s on life..


  1. Everything is a “hands off” / “pro-business” approach then we dun need1) such a big civil seivcre2) people who are not doing their job (“no free lunch” remember?)3) MPs to call us names (daft, quitters, etc) after we voted for them

  2. Thinking like that is really impressive

  3. hey, I just moved to Taipei two months ago, and your blog has been estniseal reading. I have it RSSed and check it all the time. My girlfriend and I have eaten at multiple places you’ve posted and you have been spot on about just about everything. I miss my American breakfast and the Diner was an amazing recommendation. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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