Shanghai- Shenzhen- Hong Kong..

Oh my god this week..i do not know where to start..

I was on my way home from a business trip in south of China when my sweet colleague Carolina slipped backwards and broke her arm, and it was very broken not to go into details..

While waiting for an ambulance it of course gathered around 100 people around us just staring and pointing like it normally does in China when something is happening out of these 100 people it was 1 kind man that offered his help.

When the ambulance came the real drama started since it felt like they had no clue of what they were doing and they refused to give any sort of painkillers, they were just laughing when we asked for it and i have never heard someone scream as loud, i thought she was about to die..

They drove us to the closest hospital which were a little piece of hell- blood everywhere, cockroaches, staring people everywhere and no sort of treatment whatsoever.

The toilet was a hole in the ground with no paper, water or soap which made me a bit scared of the hygiene of the staff so after many arguments with the so called Dr we managed to get a ambulance to drive us to the Hong Kong boarder where a Hong Kong ambulance came and picked us up and wow what a difference in treatment and attitude.

So for the past few days i have been stuck in Hong Kong with nothing but the clothes i was wearing which has been a good excuse for shopping- will show my buys later..Now i am just hoping for Carolina to get better so we can go back to my Shanghai that i miss as much as my sorry for the lack of new photos..

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