Time goes by..

A few weeks ago it was summer here in Shanghai, a day passed by and now it feels like winter..city of contrasts it is!

The fall in Shanghai is the most amazing time of the year- the climate is perfect (think swedish summer), the air is almost easy to breath, the sky is clear blue and you can start to wear normal shoes again after months in flip flops.

This week as well as all the other ones just flew away but i did manage to visit the expo..of course on the coldest and rainiest day of the year so the evening was not that filled with pleasure, but now i can finally cross check it of my list!

Last night i had some friends from Sweden visiting and we had dinner at Shintori- good as always and i love the architecture of that place as well as the beautiful ceramic that you can buy at Spin.

We ended the night downstairs at Dr Wine.

What a week!

At the expo

At Shintori

My pics did not turn out so well so i borrowed this one so you can get a better idea of the place (This is where they shot the last scenes in Kill Bill..)

At Dr Wine

Stop the time for just a while please!

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