Postcard from Phu Qouc

Last stop before we go back to Ho Chi Minh and this island is fantastic- why did we not just go here from the beginning?

We are staying at a very simple, rustic and remote place called Bo Resort where the nature is still allowed to have its if you are of the sensitive kind, i would not recommend you to go here as you are one with the nature.

We stay in a chill stilted sea view bungalow with a bamboo balcony set among the banana trees- the only negative aspect is the cold, cold water in the shower, the wet sheets due to the extremely humid climate and the dirty beach if you move away slightly from the resort area..The food and most of the staff is amazing!

A well kept secret so far, no people here except for a finnish couple on honeymoon so go here before everybody finds out..

Almost stole another dog..

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  1. Told ya !!!! Best place in the world :)

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