The Abbot Kinney district is a hotspot for artists and hipsters and it includes numerous shops, restaurants and bars including several excellent art galleries and some really cute cafe’s and restaurants.

Do not miss:

The best coffee in the world at Intelligentsia.

Pizza for lunch at Gjelinas cozy backyard.

Dinner at Axe where the organicĀ soul food from California nourishes both the body and the spirit- I like!

In between the meals you should of course go the the beach and look at the ongoing freakshow- it is entertaining if something.

But donĀ“t forget the shopping (like you would?)

Most of my favorite shops are all located on Abbot Kinney Blvd so just walk it back and forth from 11th to the 16th block and I am sure you will make some great bargains!

Lunch at Gjelina

Do not miss this fantastic antique shop located next to Intelligentsia (can not remember the name but it is unmissable)

Venice Beach

This is one of the few hairdos i never tried..

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