Le temps d’aller à Paris

You are probably getting tired of me now, but I just have to express my love for Paris as well.

Paris was my first home away from home- I moved there when i was 18, right after school, no french language knowledge whatsoever..i thought Bonjour was the name of a garlic cream cheese..or maybe not but almost.

It was tough times, Paris is not a city made for beginners, but i survived and i had the time of my life- I just wish i would have learned a bit more french then i actually did, but i guess there is a time for everything and I will go back and live in France one day..maybe when I am older i will even open my own wineyard/ cheesery/ B&B in the french countryside..just i dream but you never know with me!

Anyway, I have been back many times since and I just love it even more..or maybe not in grey and raw february but is there a better place to be in the spring or fall then in the city of romance and dreams.

Here is a potpourri of some of my previous trips.

Jill is as chic as always

Told you i love leopard..do i have to tell you i had a matching bag??

Mingle at hotel Amour back in the day

On the door out from the toilet

Last year


Rainy days is not as fun

Fantastic french breakfast

La plus grande tasse de café

When in Paris..

La Perle

Hanna is hiding

The fantastic weekend market at Port de Clignancourt

Macaron lovin

Meat feast at Robert & Louise- not to be missed

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