LA times

From one of my favorite cities to another..

LA really brings back special memories- like the first time i was ever there, me and my friend Emma who I got to know in San Francisco took her wine red car for a little roadtrip, I was 19 and life had never been as good as then.

The car did not have a CD player so we bought the cheapest one we could find at Walmart and then we took off with the the pounding music and nothing but 2 sleeping bags and some clothes, this was life!

We did not have so much money so we slept in the car at various parking slots around the beaches, ate at Ihop, brushed our teeths at the gas stations and just drove and drove, listened to music and talked about life- this was the way to live it!

We almost got deported on the way back to LA from San Diego where we spent one night- we got stopped at a road control by the police and we did not have any passports with us since we lived in the state so we figured it was unnecessary to bring them on the trip, but they said it was the law and if we could not show our passports they would deport us- we were crushed!

Emma who was driving the car did not have her correct drivers license either since she had used it to make a fake we were screwed..big time! Fortunately i had my drivers license so they used it to check us up and when they saw we had valid visas they let us go, but i have never been so scared in my life, in the middle of nowhere with 3 guards pointing guns at us. None of our friends believed we were just outside LA, they were sure we had been to Mexico and thought we were stupid to go there without our passports- but that was not the case.

Shaken and stirred we drove back to LA, spent Thanksgiving at one of Emmas friends who lived around Venice and i thought everything was so exotic, turkey and all..

I have grown up a bit since then but i still get that happy feeling everytime i drive around LA or even think about it, it  really is something special in the air!

I dont have any pictures from back then, and if i had i would probably not post them here but I did found some other old photos from the city i hope to live in or around some day!

I just love to walk around Venice beach and look at all the crazy houses!

Partying with Hugh..or maybe more with his lifeguards..

Sara and Linda

Me and Sara

Jill and Linda

Shopping around Venice- really good for vintage shops

In Santa Monica

Ready for dinner at Nobu- one of my favorite restaurants

Leopard lovin back then too!

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