Fashion exhibition at Fotografiska

I really want to see this exhibition with 51 legendary photographers such as Steven Meisel, Irving Penn and swedish Mikael Jansson- so friends at home please wait for me, let´s go in November when i come!!

This is what i read about it:

This exhibition provides a representative overview of the development of fashion photography from its beginnings in the 1920s to the present. Based on the collection of Camera Work in Berlin, the exhibition features approximately 200 prints, many of them vintages, by 51 photographers.Fashion! guides us through an exhilarating visual journey of the various trends of fashion photography.

Fashion photography, like no other genre, is able to capture the zeitgeist of a decade with such clarity. Moreover, it tells us, in a very vivid and lucid way, about the longings and dreams of respective generations. Fashion photography consistently defies convention and resists definition. Thus, to claim there is a linear development of the genre is incorrect. Rather, there is a complex and lively iconographic system of analogies, references, and astounding advances. It is the innovation and glamour that surrounds fashion photography that we find so enthralling. We live vicariously through its models, and we relish in the fantasy of its visual stories, which is why looking at this variety of fashion photographs is so truly pleasurable.

Photo: Ralph Mecke

Photo by Ralph Mecke

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