A day in Paris my paradise

My best Paris tips by day is:

Spend your sunday in Marais- shop in the vintage shops as well as some smaller designer ones, eat a falaffel at Rue Anjou and continue to the COS shop further up on the street. End the day at Le Perle and dream of being a part of it all!

Follow the Seine to the Eiffeltower, eat a crepe and leave again sooner rather then later.

Bon Marche, Colette and Printemps for shopping and inspiration of the bigger designers. For vintage head to Killiwatch!

Trying to find our ways

Parc life

End your sunday in Marais at Le Perle- i wish i could always end my weekend like this!

Lunch with Linda, Anna and Jill outside Killiwatch- my best tip for vintage in Paris!

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