A early wedding gift

And not a bad one..We arranged a fantastically fun chinese pre wedding shoot for Cia and Emiliano- 3 different outfits, a lot of laughs and a memory for life!

Location: Lisa’s Wedding Photo Gallery near the North Railway Station

Picking out dress 1

Picking out dress nr 2..

Too many interesting polyester dresses to choose from..

Cia before the makeover

Mahsa wants to move in

Trying on the first dress

During the transformation

Handsome Emiliano

The last touch

This young lady took her shoot a bit more serious then we did..

Up in the clouds

Pretty prep

The happy couple

More pictures to come from the last 2 outfits and i promise you do not want to miss Emiliano in a pink suit!!


  1. So does this mean that we missed their wedding…….. and by that saved a lot of money!?

  2. Haha i think it means you save at least some money for the wedding photos- no need, we got it covered! Cia also loved the pink dress you will see later so no need to buy a new one!

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