When i come to think about it it was not such a smart idea to run away from the bad Shanghai summer weather and try to find happiness here in Borneo- the weather is exactly the same!

The last few days it has been storming here on the island so not much more to do then read, eat and then some..

Our attempt to diving went so so..the diving in itself was ok (not as fantastic as I had expected after everybody telling me Borneo being one of the best places to dive around the world) but the big drama started on the way back from the dive site when it was raining so heavy they could not find the way back to our island so we were stranded in the storm for a looong time- when we asked if we were lost our dive master told us- no, not lost, we just dont know where we are..

Here is some pictures from our few hours of sun- now i am going to enjoy my last lazy day for this summer!

Outside our fantastic water villa

Never seen more clear water

The jetty

Vacation is coming to its end- see you back in Shanghai!

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