We tried a new restaurant- Mistral on Fuxing Lu close to Yongfu Lu.

Mediterranean feeling, Spanish tapas food to share, cozy indoor decoration and a Patio with lousy service- all in all it was ok but i would go back just for the cozy atmosphere inside.

While we were waiting for Cia and Emiliano we asked for some bread and then the waitress replied ¨now?¨, yes is that that ok? then the waitress replied again ¨maybe later¨..after 15 minutes when we still had not received any bread we asked again- can we have some bread please? then the other waitress asked ¨ashtray¨? so no bread for us but they had no problem charging us for extra bread on the bill, Shanghai in a nutshell!

The guy next to us also dropped the wine glass in the floor by mistake and he had to clean it up by mistake while the waitress stood next to him looking very awkward..soo special!

Cozy indoors

Cozy bathroom

And you never have to worry about running out of toilet paper

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