Was as hot as Milan so it took a few gelatos and shakeratos a day to keep us running, but the trip was great!

My best tips is the yearly vintage fair- fantastic for garments and accessories (runs the same time as Piti Filati)

You should not miss the Elio Ferraro vintage shop- It is owned and runned by a fantastic lady that used to be  a designer for Pucci.

For food my favorite is the Trattoria Del 13 Gobbi which you can see below- but do not miss 4 Leoni for anything in the world- their pasta with pears (Fiocchetti di pera) was the best dish i have ever eaten (do not forget to book a table outside)

Trattoria del 13 Gobbi- on of my favorite restaurants in the world- traditional italian food at its best!!

Inside Trattoria Del 13 Gobbi- i love the decor!

When we took this picture it was a old italian man who stared at me and could not understand why we wanted to have a photo in front of a cluttered wall- i like the outcome though!

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