Borneo lovin- finally

Its been a quite hectic start on the vacation- our Shanghai flight was delayed so we had to spend 1 night at a airport hotel in Kuala Lumpur and go up too early in the morning to catch our flight to Kuta Kinabalu- and there we checked in to a very strange hotel located in a shopping mall outside town..dont know how we ended up there but it looked really nice on the website..
After 1 day located at the pool area surrounded by various construction sights we finally left for Sandakan and Uncle Tan with whom we were going to stay with in the jungle- hardcore, but fantastic if you like birds, monkeys, crocodiles and mosquitos- I came to the knowledge it is not a way i prefer to spend my vacation on and i definitely do not want to spend it with other snoring people in a shared least now i know!

After a sleepless night i can not tell you how happy i am to be at PomPom island- the paradise of all paradises!

We are staying on a raised bungalow out in the water and it is just soo chill!! lovin lovin

We are planning on taking the advanced divers course- the water is just so clear it is begging to be dived in- will let you know how it goes!

Borneo bus stop

Morning safari on the Kinabatangan river

Monkey spotting

Uncle Tans hut..

The hut from the outside- right in the jungle

Paradise on our doorstep- literally!!

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