Teppanyaki is a form of japanese cuisine. The word Teppanyaki comes from Teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled or panfried.

The food is cooked in front of you as you eat. Since this food concept was developed in the 1940′s, it has now been developed into a tourist attraction and the ¬†Teppanyaki chefs have several world known specialties ( ex The volcano, stacking a pile of onions to produce a flaming volcano of onions)

In Shanghai there are several Teppanyaki resturants, the one we usually go to is Tairyo on 15 Dong Ping lu, close to Hengshan lu

Phone number : 6445 4734

160 RMB all you can eat and drink

You can also find some pretty decent Teppanyaki in Stockholm at Hasseludden Yasuragi Spa.

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