Last night out

We started with dinner at Restaurant BAR on Blasieholmsgatan 4A.

Fantastic rhubarb drink

Great menu- you choose your own fish at the fish tank or ice counter and then you order the extras at the table like grilled asparagus, risotto or beetroot salad

Waiting for desert..

We then heard from Hanna that Lady Gaga was having dinner at Le rouge in Old town so of course we had to go there and check it out!

So once we entered the restaurant i walked to her table and she looked soo cool so i just had to tell her that i love her and then her security guard told me to leave..i dont know if that was sad but i was so happy haha!

When the restaurant closed and we were about to leave we saw Mikael Persbrandt (swedish actor/ bad boy) outside the bar entrance so Sofie took a photo with him and then we left to go get a taxi.

And then the funny thing was when we were leaving we passed the small restaurant exit where all the reporters and photographers were waiting for Gaga to leave- he did another exit but with his sunglasses on and pretended he did not want to be seen..also with a strange line on his neck..

I think this is hilarious since he has blamed the media so many times for not leaving him alone and then when noone except us cared to give him some attention he goes back in and makes another exit right into the paparazzi crowd..

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