Focus: SOFO

I passed my old hoods last weekend and i became a bit nostalgic- here is some of my favorite spots you can not miss if you visit Stockholms SOFO.

Vintage shopping at Lisa Larsson at Bondegatan 48- a bit messy but you can find fantastic things if you have time to look.

Next door you find another vintage shop called Repris- not as good but i found a fantastic fur jacket here for 400 kr once so it is still worth to take a look.

There is also some antique shops on this street worth checking out- many times overpriced but good for inspiration

And dont forget the sunday pizza at primo ciao ciao!

On Åsögatan (my old street) you can also find Beyond retro where i almost always find a good bargain!

This week they had a Lady Gaga theme- too bad i did not go here before the show..

Pretty old Stockholm house

I love this cafe where i always used to go on the weekends for a coffe and a hot chevre toast.

Buy a icecream and lean yourself to any of the walls around Nytorget for a guaranteed Swedish sunBURN in the spring time- everybody does it!

And dont forget to visit the fantastic new Urban Deli- partly a grocery shop partly a deli and restaurant- if i lived here i would shop here everyday, soo refreshing with a fresh, hip and modern grocery shop where you can also buy homebaked bread and a healthy dinner from the deli- I love♥

This cute little ecological shop is recently opened at Nytorgsgatan 31 and they only sell produce from nearby areas- I would love to see more shops like this!!

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