Since 5 days at Coco Loco was enough we decided to go to Sabang which was 1 hour boatride back to  the mainland of Palawan and then around 2 hours by car.

As soon as we left Coco Loco island the rain started falling and it did not stop until we went back to Shanghai  a few days later so we did not enjoy this place as much, but we still had a good time!

If you go here- stay at Dab dab cottages which was really cozy bungalows with fantastic food and nice staff. It was not on the beach but it was only a minutes walk away into the forest and well worth the walk!

Avoid- Taraw lodge, we stayed here the first night and it was a nightmare!

If you are a bit more urban i also recommend Dalayon resort- we spent the last 2 nights here since the rain did not stop falling so we felt the need for internet and TV..They had a nice pool, pricy food and really comfortable clean rooms with a terrace overlooking the ocean- we had a nice stay!

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