Walking to work, from another point of view..

The neighbours

Just another lane

This is where i buy my fruit and they also have avocado- if you dont live here you dont understand but it is not a easy fruit to get a hold of here..neither cheap but here it is only 10 rmb, all year round!

You have to love the small things in life!
Adress is Shaanxi road close to Jianguo road
We all know the vitamin water is taking over the world, but did you know it is also art here in Shanghai?

This is a cute gallery on Shaanxi road crossing Yongjia road that has been overtaken by this drink, enough is enough!

Cute man on a bike

New delicassy store that has oppened on Shaanxi, just next to the flower market- have not checked it out yet but i will!!

Such a funny copy of Versace..

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