My Saturday

I started the day with a birthday brunch for Cia at Mesa on Julu Rd.
Then i went to a really cozy Eco fair on Shaanxi Rd where they had a farmers market and it was some different stalls that sold Eco products. I did not have so much time so i just had a quick crepe, bought some organic strawberries and then i left to get changed for the evening- “sunkrunda” for Anna who is moving back to Sweden:(
Central Park Cafe on Shaanxi- looks really cozy but i have actually tried anything from here..Lady in her pyjamas doing some shoppingLove this contrasts in Shanghai with the old and the new- just hoping the new will not take over!Enjoying my Soya Latte at Mesa- fantastic place for brunch in the sunMe and CiaI Looove the kiwi juice hereAt the Eco fairFarmers marketMaking my crepe

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